7 Responses to Give Me That Old Time Religion

  1. Dorothy says:

    I was in my truck driving to pick up some food after church and this old song came into my thoughts. “Give me that old time religion”. I couldn’t remember anything but the chorus, but I kept on singing it,
    and vowed to look it up on my computer. The day became busy as I tended to my handicaped son and something else got my attention , so I soon forgot the song I was going to look up until after my son went to bed. It was around 2:30 am it is now 4:50 am and I just finished about two hours of listning to some wonderful gospel singing. I don’t know much about computers and how to search for certain things, so I just typed in ( wanted words for Give me that old time religion.) After checking out several sights with bad results , I tried one more time on <> and there to my delight was a video of “Dry Bones” another song from my childhood days. I sang along with the gospel singers and when the song ended there was the song I was looking fo and a video of Johnny Cash and he opened his show with a lot of famous guest singing “Give me that old time religion”. They added a lot of phrases to the song and I knew a lot of them. I don’t remember where I learned this song, but as a child I was in church a lot,with family members and neighbors, and went to revivals, and continued all through my teenage years.I loved singing. After listning to several versions of the song , I started reading your article and it was like God led me to your sight and gave me a better understanding of how things were . I think I must read the books, but I need to go back and read the beginning of your article. Thank you for the blessing. Dorothy

  2. Dorothy says:

    Good evening Ron, I don’t usually write comments because I really do not have much training in the computer world. I am still in need of some sleep tonight but I do hope to get back to your interesting story and listen to the other videos that I couldn’t stay awake and listen to earlier today. I did listen to Marian Anderson
    because I don’t remember ever hearing her sing. I really liked her singing; it is beautiful.
    I will return for more of your interesting —–blog? Thank you for
    sharing the music . Dorothy

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