About This Blog

These pages contains memoirs, accounts of family gatherings, family trips and visits, and eulogies for the recently departed, sometimes with links to photo albums.

Although the title of the blog has the family name ‘Pavellas,’ there are many other family names associated with it through blood and marriage and beyond: Aho, Andersson, Brekell, Cuen, Diakakis, Harpending, Hill, Jönsson, Lindow, Montaño, Pagonis, Palladius, Papageorge, Slosarik, Thomas, Thompson and Werner.

I welcome written offerings by anybody in the family for inclusion in these pages, but I retain the right to edit them. Links to photo albums are also welcome.


1 Response to About This Blog

  1. Lindsay J. Webb says:

    Hello, I found your blog doing some research on my family history. My grandfather was Abe Harpending,he was an attorney with Harris Beach in Rochester, NY. He died in 1984. He was somehow related to more then one Asbury H., the one involved with the diamond hoax, and the other an attorney in Elmira, NY. My grandfather grew up in Dundee, NY.

    Any info you can provide would be great!



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