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Expatriate Californian living in Sweden with wife. Retired from employment in the USA. Currently focused on blog articles and creative writing.

Ancient Family History

I subscribe to a Facebook group named “Haplogroup J2b and Subclades.” It’s for people interested in genetic genealogy, especially for those with the genetic designation ‘Haplogroup J2,’ its ‘subclade ‘J2b,’ and other subdivisions of each. My paternal genetic haplotype is … Continue reading

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Cousin Nestor (A Memoir)

Cousin Nestor told me that you should always be aware of your face, and how it looks to other people. I was 21, just out of the Navy, and green as a 12-year-old about how to get along in life, … Continue reading

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Six Pictures on an Avocado-colored Wall: Their Stories

The Wall and the Pictures The color of the walls was chosen and applied by Leo, Eva’s son, when this was his room. I thought it too bold but, by the time he moved away to university, I had grown … Continue reading

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Sinfonia Concertante

June, 1971 I was as lonesome and low as ever I had been. Here I was in Fresno, of all remote places—remote from the big cities I was used to and the people I knew there. Fresno means “ash” in … Continue reading

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Gin & Tonic

My first taste was at age twenty-one when I was a driver for an old salesman of agriculture-industrial belts in the inland valleys of California between the coast and the Great Central Valley. Mr. Brett couldn’t see or hear too … Continue reading

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Ronnie, is it really you?

“Ronnie,  is it really you?” “Yes, Mom, it’s me.” I took her soft hand, skin smoothly worn but still intact through decades of household toil. We were on her couch in the living room. The sun filtered warmly through the … Continue reading

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