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Ancient Family History

I subscribe to a Facebook group named “Haplogroup J2b and Subclades.” It’s for people interested in genetic genealogy, especially for those with the genetic designation ‘Haplogroup J2,’ its ‘subclade ‘J2b,’ and other subdivisions of each. My paternal genetic haplotype is … Continue reading

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Cousin Nestor (A Memoir)

Cousin Nestor told me that you should always be aware of your face, and how it looks to other people. I was 21, just out of the Navy, and green as a 12-year-old about how to get along in life, … Continue reading

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Thinking about Memories

26 April 2009 I thought of my father as Eva and I walked along the wooded path beside the lake. He’s dead nine years now, but he and his stories, his life story, are still with me. He seemed to … Continue reading

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Patricia Marie, Née Larsen (October 7, 1941—April 10, 2009)

  Dad said she looked like she could get pregnant merely by lying in the sun. This was around the time her mother discovered we’d been intimate and threw her out of their home. So, she moved in with us: … Continue reading

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Notes for a Memoir: Artemis Helen Pagonis Pavellas, RIP

A eulogy for, and brief biography of, my mother who died at age 90… The fates were such that my sister Diane and I were able to conduct a memorial for mom at my oldest daughter’s house in San Jose … Continue reading

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The “Karate Girls” and Taekwondo

Sonya and Sydney prepared for their twice-weekly karate training Please click on all images for the full effect In Korean, tae is to kick, jump, or strike with the foot; kwon is fist, or to strike with the hand; do … Continue reading

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