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He was everything I wasn’t: big, strong, athletic, blonde, popular, wealthy, and stupid. We were both seniors at Berkeley High, but I was 15 and he was 17. He drove a new convertible; I rode a bicycle to school. Why … Continue reading

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Eva and I recently attended a presentation of art at Stockholm University which featured a film of the artist’s experience in a village on the Greek island of Samos in the early 1990s. Upon our early entrance to the small … Continue reading

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I was the kid who certain adults needed to tell things to. The result was endless hours of tedium with little reward, except for the questionable attention I received. Somewhere I got the notion I should treat my elders with respect, … Continue reading

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Thinking about Memories

26 April 2009 I thought of my father as Eva and I walked along the wooded path beside the lake. He’s dead nine years now, but he and his stories, his life story, are still with me. He seemed to … Continue reading

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The Prime Number Immediately Preceding 79

The culture within which I swim likes numbers, and things that can be numbered, to be grouped into fives and tens. As my age has advanced I have taken, instead, to making public note of those birth date anniversaries which … Continue reading

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Beards of Men

Beards seem to be in fashion again. Younger men tend to have shorter beards than older men. In some portions of the younger set it is fashionable even to appear merely unshaven for a few days. One sees advertisements, usually … Continue reading

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