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This page is for departed ancestors and other relatives, and for family books and journals

Artemis Helen (Pagonis) Pavellas, 1918 – 2008)

Conrad Pavellas & ODCPA, photobiography

Patricia Marie Larsen, a Photo Memorial

Nestor Harpending Palladius (1924-2008), RIP

Diane Helen Pavellas (1942-2011): In search of Joy and Beauty

Harpendings, from Asbury Senior to his GG Children

George Demetrious Pappageorge-Palladius

George Pagonis and Helen Diakakis


4 Responses to Photo Links

  1. michel duncan merle says:

    I am a grandson of Raymond Duncan, born in Paris, raised at the Akademia, brought to America at age ten (in 1948). I recently retired from teaching art at the college level. We are creating a non-profit called Akademia Duncan Museum and Performing Arts center; we plan to coordinate activities for the many Isadora Duncan dance groups in the SAmericas and the rest of the world; we are planning to encourage all such groups to experiment and choreograph for the 21st Century. We wish to see if it is possible to crate male dance roles as well, using Raymond’s “Gymnastique” as a model. Beyond that, we plan to recreate the Akademia;s work-shop of weaving, sandalmaking, carpentry and wood-block silk paintings, as well as his letter-press. We would like to strike up a conversation with you. Our web-site is not yet ready.

  2. ixisflower says:

    As a dancer and choreographer I have long been interested in the Duncans generally and learning Raymond Duncan’s gymnastique and art of actionalism specifically.
    Hugely look forward to hearing from you with any further information on this.

  3. ixisflower says:

    Please contact me re Raymond Duncan’s Akademia.

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