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Cousin Nestor (A Memoir)

Cousin Nestor told me that you should always be aware of your face, and how it looks to other people. I was 21, just out of the Navy, and green as a 12-year-old about how to get along in life, … Continue reading

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Six Pictures on an Avocado-colored Wall: Their Stories

The Wall and the Pictures The color of the walls was chosen and applied by Leo, Eva’s son, when this was his room. I thought it too bold but, by the time he moved away to university, I had grown … Continue reading

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Sinfonia Concertante

June, 1971 I was as lonesome and low as ever I had been. Here I was in Fresno, of all remote places—remote from the big cities I was used to and the people I knew there. Fresno means “ash” in … Continue reading

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Gin & Tonic

My first taste was at age twenty-one when I was a driver for an old salesman of agriculture-industrial belts in the inland valleys of California between the coast and the Great Central Valley. Mr. Brett couldn’t see or hear too … Continue reading

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Ronnie, is it really you?

“Ronnie,  is it really you?” “Yes, Mom, it’s me.” I took her soft hand, skin smoothly worn but still intact through decades of household toil. We were on her couch in the living room. The sun filtered warmly through the … Continue reading

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He was everything I wasn’t: big, strong, athletic, blonde, popular, wealthy, and stupid. We were both seniors at Berkeley High, but I was 15 and he was 17. He drove a new convertible; I rode a bicycle to school. Why … Continue reading

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